John CarsonCommunity Mediation & Training Officer

    John works in TIDES and has been involved in peacebuilding over the last 15 years. John works across Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK and Internationally on good relations and Conflict Resolution and Mediation. John has worked with groups here at home and as far away as Lebanon. John had also worked with the UN on the UNDP programme involving ex-fighters across the globe who have now become promoters of peace and reconciliation. John brings a wealth of knowledge to the programme not just domestically but also internationally. John also manages the mediation contracts for TIDES and is himself a fully qualified Mediator with thousands of hours worked on mediations. John is one of only a handful of mediators to be signed off as both a community safety and community cohesion mediator by the NIHE. John is also a fully trained facilitator who works for communities, councils and most statuary agencies in the facilitation of their own programmes and TIDES programmes. On this programme, John is project manager for TIDES and will be responsible for mediations and Facilitation side of the project.