Participating Neighbourhoods

The project will target 40 Housing Association developments giving a wide geographical spread across Northern Ireland and including a number in the eligible border areas of the Republic of Ireland. It will be delivered by 4 Good Relations Officers, supported by TIDES Training, overseen by a Project Coordinator and a Finance Officer. Each Good Relations Officer will be responsible for 10 neighbourhoods and the roll out of the Project in those neighbourhoods as part of a staged process.

The project is currently operational in 28 neighbourhoods and engaging with approximately 500 tenants in community workshops and community building events.

The Project will be delivered in 5 stages

  • Community audit

    Community audits will be conducted in all 40 participating housing developments providing an understanding of the key issues facing your community.

  • Community capacity building

    Community capacity building activities will be tailored to meet the needs identified through the community audit.

    • Workshops to discuss the findings
    • Community events
  • Cross community/cross border community skills workshops

    • Accredited and non-accredited training days
    • Educational visits to historical locations
    • Cross border/cross/inter-community visits
    • Cross community/inter-cultural events
  • Bringing the learning back

    • Neighbourhoods will have the opportunity to twin with other neighbourhoods on the Project
  • Sharing best practice

    • 8 showcase events

    The showcase events will provide a mechanism for the learnings to be shared across communities and Housing Associations.