About Us

The Housing Associations Integration Project (HAIP), a €1.1m project funded by the EU’s PEACE IV Programme which is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) that seeks to improve cross community relations in social housing. The project is being delivered by a new Partnership involving four of Northern Ireland’s largest Housing Associations (Radius, Clanmil, Choice and Apex) TIDES Training, Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations and the Irish Council for Social Housing. The project partners have come together because of their combined scale and regional spread and in their experience promoting and working in good relations.

This project is a unique initiative to promote good relations in the social housing sector in Northern Ireland and the border regions. In Northern Ireland, despite progress in many areas of peace building, housing remains one of the main areas of segregation with 90% segregated along religious grounds. This project is the first regional response to addressing religious, cultural and ethnic division in social housing in NI and the border region.

“Would you like to be part of a Project that will help improve relations and understanding within your community and with other communities?

If so, then get involved with the Housing Associations Integration Project.

We are offering a range of opportunities for your community:

  • Events and workshops
  • Joint visits to cultural sites
  • Engage with residents from other communities
  • Form new friendships
  • Learn new skills
  • Become a community champion

Meet the team

Steering Committee
  • Alan Shannon
    Alan Shannon Steering Committee - NIFHA
  • Carol Ervine
    Carol Ervine Steering Committee - Choice
  • Carol McTaggart
    Carol McTaggart Steering Committee - Clanmil
  • Donal McManus
    Donal McManus Steering Committee - ICSH
  • Eileen Patterson
    Eileen Patterson Steering Committee - Radius
  • Liza Wilkinson
    Liza Wilkinson Steering Committee - TIDES
  • Sheena McCallion
    Sheena McCallion Steering Committee - APEX
  • Jacqueline Irwin
    Jacqueline Irwin Community Relations Council
  • Claire Crainey
    Claire Crainey Steering Committee - NIHE
Project Board Members
  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins Project Board Member - NIFHA
  • Grainne Mullin
    Grainne Mullin Project Board Member - Radius
  • Jacqui Gilmore
    Jacqui Gilmore Project Board Member - APEX
  • Laura Couser
    Laura Couser Project Board Member - TIDES
  • Tim O’Malley
    Tim O’Malley Project Board Member - Clanmil
  • Ursula Toner
    Ursula Toner Project Board Member - Choice
Staff Team